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Holiday Party

December 06, 2018
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Justin's Tuscan Grill
6400 Yorktown Cir
East Syracuse, NY 13057
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Join us for a special holiday event!



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Cal's Corner

The construction industry continues to change. CSI and other organizations have to change to remain relevant. What remains the same are the needs, which are often translated into Values. In order for CSI to remain a significant partner in the evolution, we must continue to meet the needs (values) of the construction industry in a way no other organization can.

CSI has an advantage over the others as it includes the Whole construction team as members. Every time we meet as a group all sides of a problem are addressed.

The needs (values) offered by CSI have always been and are still viable:

  1. Professional development
  2. Networking
  3. Social interaction

By putting all of the above together CSI becomes the best venue for "problem solving"

CSI offers many avenues to the members of the construction industry to meet their needs:

  1. Organization of construction documents
  2. Certification program
  3. Getting up to speed on new products and processes.
  4. Best industry magazine
  5. Annual Region and Institute meetings.
  6. Earning learning units
  7. Networking
  8. Social activities and rewards for participation

The Syracuse Chapter is hosting a Holiday Gala on December 6th (click here to register) where networking and fellowship are the main focus. Also, it is the time we acknowledge the efforts of a few with our Annual Awards Program.

None of the above happens unless members participate - Hope to see many of you on December 6th at Justins.

More next month....

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Building Science Envelope Insights - Testimony by mike kulik

Presented by Dale B. Sherman on Nov. 8th, 2018

Testimony by Mike Kulik

Mike Kulik

There were some great insights on how much building science has advanced over the last 30 years and the requirements of the new building code. No more are air barrier sheets of poly but rather they have been replaced with "smart" technology that allows the exchange of vapor as the temperature changes, protecting the facade and structure from rot. Tight building construction with proper exterior wall construction and a well defined air barrier envelope is the goal of modern construction. As stated by Dale "buildings don't breath, people breath," therefore proper air exchanges and conditioning of "tight" building construction has become more critical, challenging, and less energy demanding at the same time. Increased energy savings is the result of current design standards, with the move toward net-zero, positive energy, and passive building becoming more of a requirement rather than a goal, designers and builders need to stay engaged with upcoming technology options as well as be created in ways to define cost-effective building solutions on the front end, to further improve incentives to receive energy and environment savings in the long-run. Great information and much appreciated Dale. We will be seeing you around the AEC community.

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