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Legal Update on Trends in construction 

Presented by Jordan R. Pavlus, Esq. on March 21, 2019

Testimony by Mike Kulik

Mike Kulik

Topics discussed: 

  1. Language to include reserving rights to include for unexpected tariff impacts
  2. Trends in dispute resolution going back to litigation vs. arbitration
  3. Retainage bonds becoming an option for early release of retainage
  4. NYS protective lien laws
  5. Why funds paid by the owner are considered “trust funds” in NYS
  6. National trends in the labor laws

All the attendees took away useful information and were introduced to another construction legal professional for future reference.  

Contact Information:

Jordan R. Pavlus, Esq.Byrne, Costello & Pickard, P.C.

100 Madison Street • Tower I, Suite 1600 • Syracuse, New York  13202

Telephone (315) 474-6448 • Facsimile (315) 424-8556

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